We don’t know our entree number but staging is on Euclid Ave and we have always been staged close to Chaffey High. Try to get there by 8:30am however we’ve never stepped off until 9am. Suggestion: Park near the end of the parade, (near B St.), Theme is “Heroes” but red, white and blue works. We purchased 24 RCDEMS T-shirts, if you have IVDC that’s fine.
Candidate Shirts ate okay. BBQ at Erick and Juana’s to follow. RSVP. Bring a side dish.

One thought on “Ontario 4th of July Parade and Post-BBQ”

  1. The Democratic Club of Rancho Cucamonga** is entered in the Independence Day Parade. We are position #59 in line for July 4th!!
    We would like all Members to march with us to show a healthy group of people who are supporting Democrats. We will hopefully be joined by other Clubs and associations.
    Parking is available in the residential areas behind Chaffey High School, which fronts Euclid Avenue, between 4th and 5th Street. You will find that Euclid will be closed off for the Parade at 5th Street, so turn west on 6th Street and start looking for a place to park. We will likely congregate on Euclid, near Chaffey High but you can also look for position #59.

    Participants are encouraged to arrive before 8:30 am to ensure a good parking place. Dress casually and wear a Democratic t-shirt if you have one. Hope to see you there!


    Terry: your vehicle check-in location will be at the corner of Armsley Square and Palm Avenue, which is west of Euclid, between 5th and 6th Street.

    **formerly the Inland Valley Democratic Club

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