Today our party has to be more united than ever.  We saw what happened to the Republicans and the Tea Party.  It allowed the crazies of the party to get just enough of a stronghold it ushered in the likes of Donald Trump.

    • We NEED a blue wave to take back both Houses of Congress.
  • We NEED someone to keep this President in check.
  • We need to stop the wholesale giveaway of our National Monuments, Forests and Parks.
  • We NEED someone to keep this President in check.
  • We need to preserve and protect our pristine aquifers and endangered wildlife.
  • We NEED someone to keep this President in check.
  • We need to stop the likes of Bret Kavanaugh from taking away a woman’s right to chose.
  • We NEED someone to keep this President in check.
  • We need someone who will protect our country from becoming a Theocracy.
  • We NEED someone to keep this President in check.
  • We need to be united


The Democratic Party has had two wing almost from our inception.  After the Civil War, we had the Northern Democrats, and the Southern Dixiecrats.  The Souther Democrats called themselves “State’s Rights” advocates, but in reality they were Seperationist.

Once the Great Depression hit, we untied.  The Party came together under FDR who instituted programs and projects that put this country back to work. His “New Deal” brought banking protections, Social Security and other safety net programs for the poor and middle class.  We now refer to them as “FDR Democrats”.

In the 1960’s JFK took our party to its next level, astonishing the Nation by defining a Liberal as  “… someone who cares about the welfare of the people –their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties…” This label served our Party well for the next half century.  But some in the party wanted bigger a military, sided with the NRA and protecting Safety Net programs was not a priority.  They called themselves “Blue Dogs” and today they make up a shrinking fraction of our Party.

Things were already changing when Obama came into office.  Things like “Single Payer” and free education felt like they were in reach.  We were emboldened to think the FDR only scratched the surface and the possibility for “liberty and justice for all” was in reach.  This group began the “Progressive movement”.

When Bernie Sanders made his 2016 Presidential run our Party was ready to move.  A new group emerged within the Party .  They have brought with them an energy and passion for the ideals of Progressive principles.  They have been bold and are calling themselves, “Social Democrats”.  Today we are having a fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.  It’s a fight worth fighting however now is not the time.  This battle is taking its toll and we risk losing our collective top priority which is to take back the Senate and House to keep the keep an unpredictable President in check.

Liberals, we need those Social Democrats to win elections.

Progressives you need the “Old Guard” Liberals to win elections.

To those of us who have fought for the soul of this Party for decades;

Sooner or later, our Democratic Party will become Social Democrats.  Is that so bad?

Let’s unite and after we have a majority in both Houses, then we can fight over how fast we can bring Universal Healthcare, free education up to a Phd.  Protect our earth, protect our children and make life better for the 95% of us who only want to raise our families in a safe and free communities.

Here’s the bottom line, can we at least agree we need to be united if for no other reason than to maintain a check on this President?